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Tkinter : moving geometry methods
A common way to create new compound widgets is to inherit Frame, create everything you need inside it and pack this base Frame on your application.This script is an alternative to this method, that sets geometry methods and options from ...
February 11th 2012 Free     
Euclidean geometry module(s) for Ruby.
February 10th 2012 Free     
KSEG is a free interactive geometry program for exploring Euclidean geometry.You create a construction, such as a triangle with a circumcenter, and then, as you drag verteces of the triangle, you can see the circumcenter moving in real time.KSEG can ...
February 18th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Anti-Grain Geometry for Ruby. C/C++ hooks for GNU/Linux and Win32. The Anti-Grain Geometry library is a popular high-quality anti-aliased graphics library written in C++.
May 11th 2013 Free    41k
geometry language
a new language to finish most geometry operations. supply c-like language style and geoemtry functions.just under plan now.
May 31st 2013 Free     
The KLogo-Turtle is an interpreter of the LOGO language for KDE desktops.It is a useful tool for teaching geometry and the basic principles of the programming of computer. Children can study the mathematics of geometry in an interactive and constructive ...
March 8th 2012 Free     
DuckTools Geometry Toolkit
DuckTools Geometry Toolkit is a collection of libraries around handling of geometric data on the Java platform.
July 14th 2013 Free     
Geom4J is a computational geometry library for Java. It contains implementation of the most important computational geometry data structures and algorithms coded in pure Java, designed for ease of use and optimized for performance.
March 15th 2013 Free    70k
It is implemented in JavaScript, using the jQuery and Prototype framewroks, and uses image formats like SVG and VML. Key features "JSXGraph":

Euclidean Geometry: Points, lines, circles, intersections, perpendicular lines, angles
Curve plotting: Graphs, parametric curves, polar curves, data plots
January 2nd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Inspired from LaTeXDraw.NET and Paint.NET, this project aims at creating a comfortable environment for creating geometry figures. The basic idea was to "digitize" geometry construction tools so that the screen becomes a piece of paper...
July 26th 2013 Free    207k
DIG: Disk Geometry Analyzer
In this work, we develop novel disk characterization suite, DIG(Disk Geometry Analyzer), which allows us to rapidly extract and to characterize the key performance metric of modern hard disk drive.
March 11th 2013 Free    10k
3dhtml is a JavaScript toolkit that will be an ideal asset to the wed developers. This script can enable you to design 3D applications with graphical models, materials, transformations, modifiers and much more. Supports high-level constructs for creating and manipulating ...
December 5th 2005 Free     
rtc: a pedestrian real-time clock figure
- creates a real-time clock (using a timer object), which runs smoothly in the background while the user continues with her daily ML chores.- all aspecects of the display (geometry) are user-definable.- the clock can be stopped and restarted (toggled)help ...
June 7th 2013 Shareware  2.5 stars 10k
Computational Geometry Tool for Matlab
This package can be used for further development of package needs to deal with 3D geometrical relationship. It provides class for Vector, Point, Coordinate, transformations and also provides functions for dealing with relationships between them.
June 18th 2013 Free    378k
Just finished this after a couple of frustrating days working with COMSOL, where eventually I realized I couldn't get my model working and, to make it worse, I couldn't even find a way to export the geometry data to try ...
December 21st 2012 Shareware    10k
FGT - Fold Geometry Toolbox
This software is documented in the Journal of Structural Geology article:"Fold Geometry Toolbox - Automated determination of fold shape, shortening, and material properties"by Marta Adamuszek, Daniel Walter Schmid, and Marcin Dabrowski. FGT is a program to analyze fold geometry in ...
February 11th 2013 Shareware    6,871k
Ellipsoid fit
It needs a set of 3D points, equal radii constraints and orientation constraint to fit an ellipsoid into a 3D block object Requirements:

MATLAB 7.7 or higher
March 17th 2012 Free     
Vector Math
Vector Math is a C++ templated math library for 2D and 3D geometry applications, as scientific data visualization and physic engine development. One of the objectives is to have a syntax similar to Matlab, maintaining the performance.
February 26th 2013 Free     
Polar Parallel Coordinate Geometry
Polar Parallel Coordinate Geometry (PPCG) plots standardardised time series data. Colour is used to demonstrate data through time; black being the oldest to white being the newest. 2 - 3 Std deviation warning/action limits are also highlighted by yellow/red respectively.
February 14th 2013 Free    10k
Giac/Xcas is a free computer algebra system for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux/Unix. It has a compatibility mode for maple, mupad and the TI89. Xcas is an interface to perform computer algebra, geometry, and spreadsheet. Giac is a free ...
January 2nd 2012 Free     
In this version, it can only read the geometry in VRML 2.0 file to Matlab 7.
January 15th 2013 Shareware    20k
Animate a Wind Farm with MATLAB
In this demo, we show how you can create the 3D visualization of a wind farm consisting of identical wind turbines in the ocean. Using the extrusion node in VRML, we model the complex 3D geometry of a blade. We ...
January 20th 2013 Free    317k
Wavefront OBJ toolbox
Read and Write Wavefront OBJ geometry and MTL files.A Wavefront Geometry Object file is supported by many 3D programs, it looks like:v 0.000000 2.000000 0.000000v 0.000000 0.000000 0.000000v 2.000000 0.000000 0.000000v 2.000000 2.000000 0.000000% Vertices Coordinates 4f 1 2 3 ...
April 13th 2013 Shareware    205k
This function amplifies areas of high intensity and segments them using a front. The front is initialized on the convex hull (for speed) and erodes the map until it has converged on the edge of the areas to keep, maintaining ...
January 29th 2013 Shareware    10k
Planck Laws
We calculate the number of photon with two methods. We dertermine the differnce of luminance for two (or many ) wavelength.We can find the error with the temperature and the wavelength for different acquisition time and many geometry.
February 15th 2013 Free    10k
Smith Simulator
It allows to do on computer all you were doing with pencil and paper with some beautiful features.Smith simulator is an excellent learning and teaching resource which aims at ruling out old methods of using pencil, paper, geometry instruments to ...
March 9th 2013 Shareware    973k
Import a .kml file as a series of shapefile structs. Like kml_shapefile, but more stable.Import a Google Earth .kml file of points, lines, polygons, or a combination, as a Matlab struct, compatible with the Mapping Toolbox features, and with shapefiles ...
February 20th 2013 Shareware    10k
STL to FACET model geometry file converter
This file uses import_stl_fast to pull in model geometry and write an appropriate .facet file. If you require the ability to import binary stl files, import_stl_fast can be replaced with another importer from the file exchange.The current version does not ...
June 7th 2013 Shareware    10k
Calculation of forces of a pile system
Easy method to estimate the pile forces of a pile system. The program is very fast to run. This gives the engineer the possibility to try out a couple of different designs of the pile system in a quite small ...
December 29th 2012 Shareware    10k
Derenzo phantom
main+function to create a Derenzo phantom for Gate v6.1 PET/SPECT simulationsDerenzo.m : extracts centroids and radii of the circles that make up the Derenzo phantom (needs derenzo.png to work)derenzo_main.m : example of application; gives as output a .txt file with ...
January 19th 2013 Shareware    10k
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WinAsm is a Windows Development Environment for Assembly Code
development. It does not supply an Assembler, Linker, or Make utility. It requires that you (the User) supply these DOS based tools. This version has been tested with Borland Turbo Assembler 3.2 and 4.0. It has not been tested with ...
February 6th 2006     146k
PHP4Delphi 5.0 is a first Visual Development Framework for creating custom PHP Extensions using Delphi. PHP4Delphi also allows executing the PHP scripts within the Delphi program directly from file or memory. You can read and write global PHP variables and ...
February 14th 2007     242k
The ezAJAX(tm) Community Edition Framework
ezAJAX(tm) provides ColdFusion web developers with more than 10,000 lines of debugged cross-browser code they can use, reuse and redistribute to create stunning high-impact AJAX web apps with very little coding effort. The ezAJAX(tm) Community Edition Framework is an end-to-end ...
August 10th 2006     2,001k
By default, the Visual Basic IDE (Integrated Development Environment) opens up with all windows "Normalized" regardless of the state of your windows at last shutdown. This registry tweak will cause all windows in the VB IDE to automatically maximize at ...
July 8th 2010      
CsUnit 1.7.6
Inspired by JUnit, csUnit brings the power of unit testing to the .NET framework. csUnit is your key to test-driven development using .NET languages including C#, Visual Basic .NET, J#, and managed C++. csUnit is free and open source.
December 2nd 2006     347k
Related Software
GML - The Geometric Modelling Library
The Geometric Modelling Library (GML) is a powerful C++ geometry library, with an intuitive API and extensible GUI. The GML offers a wide range of functionality, from basic geometry such as intersection and distance routines, through to manipulation of complex ...
February 6th 2013     13,455k
CommandBar Development Kit
CommandBar Development Kit is an extensible framework/component for Win32 platforms that provide comprehensive solution for your modern user interface needs. CommandBars provides complete run-time customization that you can use to extend its functionality.Written entirely in API C CommandBar is small, ...
August 12th 2002   5 stars 625k
ChooseColor Development Kit
ChooseColor Development Kit is an extensible component/dialog box for Win32 platforms that provide comprehensive solution for your modern user interface needs. Color dialog box provides complete customization that you can use to extend its functionality.Written entirely in API C ChooseColor ...
November 20th 2002   5 stars 265k
CyD WEB Development
Purpose: Software collection for WEB Development.
Include: CyD WEB Animation Studio, CyD FTP Client, CyD HTML Editor, CyD Image Viewer.

July 26th 2003     8,340k
Help Development Studio
Help Development Studio is a popular, full-featured, stand-alone, complete help authoring tool, which is designed to create WinHelp, HTML Help, and Web Help files from the same source. The integrated environment, with its easy-to-use interface, includes all that's necessary for ...
November 23rd 2005   5 stars 1,364k
Galactic Geometry 3D
Get into the pilot seat and learn about volume and surface area while blasting away space debris to save your ship! Galactic Geometry is a 3D educational game that offers an engaging environment for serious learning about geometric figures. As ...
October 2nd 2005   5 stars 2,116k
Power Render
Power Render 6 3D Engine Personal Edition

Power Render is a general purpose software development kit for games and 3D visualization. In addition to providing an API for developers, several tools are provided for artists for building content and previewing ...
October 22nd 2005     32,479k
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